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Our excellent services

Our efforts are geared towards simplification of all your insurance needs

Insurance Policies

  • Ensuring that all the policies have a common renewal date thereby eliminating the need to keep watch over the renewals at different times during the year.
  • Ensuring that newly acquired assets are promptly added to the policies and also sold or transferred assets are deleted and appropriate return premiums due to you are made.
  • Ensuring that you do not lose sight of those duties imposed on you by the policies in order to avoid possible repudiation of claims on the grounds of a breach of policy conditions or warranties.
  • Negotiate downward review of rates if market trends and/or your claims experience make this necessary.

Claims Handling

  • Ensuring that claims are notified in good time under the right policies. Many policies contain conditions specifying times during which an incident which might give rise to a claim has to be notified to the insurer for the claim to be entertained.
  • Ensuring that claims, when admitted, are properly formulated so as to guarantee you maximum reimbursement.
  • Ensuring that claims are properly documented by guiding you in some cases to pursue some of the documents required. In this sphere we would dissuade the insurer from placing an undue burden upon you through his insistence upon having those documents which are not relevant for the purpose of documenting the claim.
  • Ensuring that settlement cheques are received promptly after settlement has been agreed. You could experience a considerable delay in receiving settlement cheques from the insurers after settlement has been agreed if a competent broker is not appointed.
  • Although the above lists of benefits are not entirely exhaustive, we do hope that you now have an idea of the things you stand to benefit if we are given the opportunity to handle your accounts. You would agree with us that the benefits are enormous.
  • To assist you further in granting our application, we have enclosed information about our organization and trust that this proposal includes the information you would require about us, but if there are further details you would like to have, we shall be too willing to furnish them on request.

Risk Management

  • Placement with one Underwriter and/or panel of Co-insurers.
  • Concentration of risks with one underwriter would ensure that he would devote sufficient attention to the business and result in a guaranteed readiness of the insurer to settle claims.
  • Spreading of some risks amongst a consortium of co-insurers means that the objective of Risk Transfer is achieved, and brings about efficiency in claims processing and payment.
  • We negotiate terms with insurers of repute to ensure that the best market rates are obtained.
  • As you may have some insurance policies in existence, we would immediately enter into negotiations with the insurers to improve upon the scope of cover granted and review rates.
  • Offer free consultancy services in the area of Risk Management.
  • Our advice on risk management could lead to an improvement in your risks and cost reduction in the form of savings in premium.